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  Developmental Milestones


If You’re Concerned - Act Early

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  Early Childhood Screening



   ► Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)  

ISD 316 ▪ Greenway ▪ 247-7306
ISD 317 ▪ Deer River ▪ 246-8860
ISD 318 ▪ Grand Rapids ▪ 327-5572
ISD 319 ▪ Nashwauk-Keewatin ▪ 885-1280  
If your Child is under Three Call-218-327-5570

Sometimes young children need special support in their early years to help them grow and learn with more success. ISD 318 Early Childhood Special Education offers a variety of services at no cost to children and their families: information and referral; screening; evaluation; special education classes and related services under FAPE (Free and Appropriate Education laws); and coordination of services, which might include specialized instruction, assistive technology, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychological services and more. If you are concerned that your child may not be playing, talking, growing, moving or acting like most other children of the same age, free and confidential help is available.

 ►  Early Childhood Screening:

   ISD 316 ▪ Greenway ▪ 245-6804
  ISD 317 ▪ Deer River ▪ 246-8860; x60412
   ISD 318 ▪ Grand Rapids ▪ 327-5850
  ISD 319 ▪ Nashwauk-Keewatin ▪ 885-1280; x51154 
 All children must be screened once before kindergarten entry or participation in Early Childhood programs.  Screening is free, it’s fun and it’s a great opportunity for you to see your child’s total growth.  Parent/Guardians, please remember to call for an Early Childhood Screening appointment when your child is 3½ or just turning 4. 
Screening includes:  Height, Weight, Vision, Hearing , General development, Health History and an Immunization Review
If potential problems are identified, your child will receive appropriate follow-up or be connected with resources in the school and community.  Your child will automatically be enrolled into a school district at the time of screening. 

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  Kindergarten Preparation



► Ready for K

► Kindergarten Readiness

► Kindergarten Readiness Check List

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  Parenting and Guidance



► Minnesota Parents know

► Kids Health

► WebMD

► Discipline and Behaviors from Zero to Five

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