ADVISORY COUNCIL...The Voice of the Community!

The Advisory Council supports and promotes the philosophy and purpose of Community Education.
Members represent citizens and community members, school district employees, and municipal representatives who advise the Community Education department staff in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of departmental activities and programs.

The Purpose of the Advisory Council is:

  • To identify and assess community education needs, interests, and concerns.
  • To listen to the needs within the community. 
  • To provide feedback and recommendations to the Community Education staff.
  • To approve the addition of potential partnerships within the community. 
  • To recruit new advisory council members as needed.

Member Selection Procedure:

  1. Potential members must submit Advisory Council Application.
  2. Members will be selected according to the following Criteria:
  • Interest in the Community Education concept
  • Interest in the Itasca Area Schools and Community relationships
  • Enthusiasm and interest in working towards the Community Education Mission
  • Represent a cross-section of the community that is under-represented on the current Advisory Council.


Contact: Melanie DeBay