District 318 Facilities Use Form

Facilities Use Form

Conditions for Use
- This application must be submitted 5 (five) working days prior to the date of use. Reservation is not assumed until email confirmation is received. - If a facility fee is charged, an invoice will be provided at the time of reservation. A billing statement will be mailed following the event and will reflect actual use of the facility including early arrival or extended use, setup or cleanup time, etc. In some cases, advance payment may be requested. - It is recommended that groups carry with them a copy of their email confirmation and/or invoice while using the facility. - Facilities may close unexpectedly when school has been closed for an emergency. The district will contact groups using the phone number and email provided on the request to notify groups of unexpected closures. - A copy of an insurance certificate naming ISD 318 as a second insured, with a minimum $1,000,000 liability limit, must be on file with the district prior to the date of use.
Responsibilities of Adult On-Site Person in Charge
- Supervisor must be at least 18 year of age and not a student. - Persons using the area requested must be supervised at all times. On-site supervisor must stay on site until all students have left the facility. - Unsupervised students are not allowed in elementary schools before or after school hours. Supervision of students is required. Students must leave the building and return when supervision is available. - Persons using the area requested must remain in that assigned area. - The area and equipment must be used in safe and reasonable manner. - Counters and tables must be wiped clean (especially food, juice and markers). The room should be left in the same condition it was found. - Turn off all electrical equipment, close all windows and lock doors before leaving. - A police person or liaison officer must be present at all student dances. - Report any injury to persons under your supervision to the Community Education Department at 218-327-5730. - Report all breakage or damage to building or equipment to the Community Education Department at 218-327-5730. - The adult person in charge will be responsible for any and all damage to building or equipment incurred as the result of inadequate supervision or improper use. The adult person in charge will be billed for the cost of repairs or replacement.
Complete information on the District's facility use policy and guidelines are available at the Community Education Department upon request. Submission of client's online request serves as signature. If you have questions concerning your reservation, contact Holly Henriksen at hhenriksen@isd318.org.
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