Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn coupons?  Baby Steps partners with different organizations in Itasca County and Remer areas to distribute coupons for parents of children, ages 0-5. By going to appointments, attending events, etc., you can earn coupons. For a complete list of our Coupon Distributors and how you can earn coupons through each one, go to the "Coupon Distributors" tab at the top left of this webpage.

What do I do with coupons once I earn them?  We're so glad you asked! The coupons you earn are the "cash" you use to purchase items in our store. Each item is labeled as to how many coupons it will take to purchase that item. As an example, we have diaper "bundles" that are 1 coupon each, packs of diapers that are between 2 to 4 coupons and boxes of diapers that cost 6 to 10 coupons (depending on which brand; more expensive diaper brands cost more coupons).  We stock newborn diapers through size 6 in several different brands.

In addition to diapers, we have baby wipes, nursing supplies, bottles, sippy cups, toys, shampoos, toothpaste, clothes, books and many, many more items for your little one!  Each coupon is valued at about $2.50; items in our store are priced to match that value.  So, an item valued at $5.00, would cost you 2 coupons.

If you don't see anything that you'd like to purchase in the store, you can speak with the Store Manager about special ordering an item.

Can I pay for Baby Steps items with cash?  As Baby Steps is a nonprofit organization, we cannot accept cash for items. Only the coupons you earn can be used to "pay" for the items in the store. Another question that is commonly asked is if one can pay for part of an item with their coupons and make up the difference with cash. Again, since we don't receive cash and only coupons, this, too, will not work for our type of store.

Do you take special orders?  Yes we do! We do our shopping at Target and Walmart in Grand Rapids on a weekly basis. If you have a specific item you would like, we ask that you go to Target or Walmart and take a picture of the item you would like including UPC code/item number, brand name, price, color, size, etc. and then email the pictures and request to: ; You can also call or visit us at Baby Steps to place an order.  Please note, that each coupon is valued at about $2.50 and we cannot accept expired coupons.  (Any coupons printed on the yellow-cream colored cardstock have expired.  Please see the "Coupons Expired" tab.) 

We also have some guidelines on what type of items can be ordered and the cost limit.  The Store Manager will assist you in ordering within the guidelines.  All order requests will be accepted, denied or adjusted with the discretion of the staff at Baby Steps.  

Can I give my coupons to someone else?  Baby Steps coupons are nontransferable. Baby Steps' mission is to be the link between parents and the services and opportunities that mothers and fathers need to successfully parent their children. When one gives the coupons they earned to someone else who did not earn them, this reduces the effectiveness of our mission. However, if you desire to accompany the individual(s) to our store as they pick out items and you pay for them with your coupons, you are welcome to do so.

Do Coupons Ever Expire?  Yes, coupons do eventually expire. But, have no fear, they don't expire for 5 years! To date 7 of our 12 distributed coupon types have been expired (all coupons printed on the yellow-cream colored cardstock). The next coupons set to expire can be found under our "Coupons: Expired & To Be Expired" tab at the top left of this website. We will make everyone aware several months ahead of time before officially expiring any coupons so that you can come in and use them!

Do You Take Donations?  Yes we do!  If you would like to donate money, you can do so online (at the "Donate" Tab on top left of this webpage), send it in the mail, or come into the store and speak with one of us.

If you would like to donate items, we just ask that the items are brand new as we want every customer who comes in to know that their hard earned coupons are worth the quality on our shelves.

Our gently-used clothing store is now also taking donations!  Please see the "Step Ahead Clothing Co." tab for more information.  

How Can I Help?  Throw a baby shower for Baby Steps! Get your friends together and celebrate the birth of babies all over Itasca County. We will put the gifts gathered to good use in the Baby Steps Boutique.

What if I don't intend to use my earned coupons?  Donate them to our Emergency Fund!

The Baby Steps Emergency Coupon Fund is used to serve those individuals who visit our store and have more immediate needs than the amount of coupons they have been able to earn. Because of how our program is established, in order to be able to give extra items away in extreme situations, we need to be able to have an amount of coupons on hand that have been earned to "purchase" the items given away. If you would like to donate your extra coupons to our Emergency Fund, stop by the Baby Steps during store hours or send them in the mail. Thank you in advance!